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Born in 1995 the idea fruit of the love of Nubian and Mariano physiological ruins, the Restaurant Antojitos Latin Cravings. We have very little time to make decisions, to bring to an end an idea that is presented to us as a gift from God. With emprendimiento and tenacity we carried out the idea and start this restaurant that someone had originally opened and we had rented it, That first year was a lot of work until we moved to the second headquarters that was ten blocks below (6729 N Armenia Av diagonal to Paladium). We had three months to develop the project and deliver the first one. Those three months were hard we did not have the same clientele that we had in the first one and if we do not add the desire to have our baby again the restaurant finally (Year 2001) we moved to the new headquarters (2302 W Columbus Dr) and start once again the hard journey, little by little, a lot work, much effort and move forward. We gave a light in my long 

walk that we had Nubia my wife always good and a friend dedicated to work, is one of the pillars of that restaurant. Today thanks to the help of all our colleagues the restaurant has also been maintained and that is why today we celebrate 20 years of hard work and the Duro walk through all the other restaurants that have been created around, but the experience We do not improvise it, it is 20 years of recognition from all our clients, all our suppliers, and all those people who have made it possible for this idea to arrive at the moment in which we find our own name and with the desire to continue improving more and more.